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This blog, “Rest Express”, is all about helping you take 10 minutes out of your day to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

We all lead hectic, active, stressful lives filled with obligations, appointments, e-mail, and more activities than we can possibly accomplish in our already jammed-packed days.  In order to stay strong and healthy for our families however, we must take time for ourselves, no matter how busy we are.

This blog is written and maintained by Bedzzz Express, an Alabama mattress store committed to offering our customers many comfort choices in a mattress so we can customize a sleep solution that will match your sleep style and personal rest preferences. We have locations throughout Alabama including the Birmingham metro area, Huntsville, Central Alabama, Montgomery, and Mobile areas.  Check out our website here for more information about the specific mattress brands we carry.

4 thoughts on “About Rest Express by Bedzzz Express

  1. We purchased a full Southerland Charlotte mattress set last Sunday from your store in HSV and elected to pick it up ourselves from the warehouse in Madison as we had come into town in our truck. When we got to the warehouse, the set was ready for loading, wrapped in plastic. We had no reason to suspect we received the wrong mattress. After a week of sleeping on it, my son said it just didn’t feel right. We stripped off the sheets and inspected it and found it to be a Sheffield mattress, $200 cheaper than what we spent. I immediately called the HSV store this morning to get our correct mattress. We were very disappointed to find out that we will not be able to get the mattress swapped out until next Saturday unless we drive 23 miles one way in to town to do it ourselves. We were told that all Saturday deliveries were already set and could not be added to today. We could have a mattress here first thing Monday morning but as my husband and I both work and need to be at our jobs Monday, this is not an option. We are very disappointed in the service we received other than the sales associate Leah who was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Will I tell people about the good price we got for our set? Yes I will but, I will also caveat that information with the bad service we received (other than Leah).

    • Ms. Phillips – thank you for your post. Although we strive for excellency, we still have a lot of areas that need work. I appreciate you pointing out an area of weakness that we need to focus a little more on. I do apologize once again, and hope that we were able to smooth things over by actually getting you the correct mattress set on Saturday. As we discussed on the phone, please give us a call if you have any further questions.

      Thank you again!

      Gregory Quinney
      Bedzzz Express

      District Manager

  2. I too am very disappointed in the service. I purchased the bed on a Saturday morning from the Daphne, AL store with guaranteed delivery that afternoon. After it did not show up on Saturday, I was told it would be here between 8-9am Monday morning, for which I took off work. When the bed did not arrive again, I had to call and was told the driver would not be at work till 1000. It would be nice to be advised of this by the warehouse instead of having to call on my own. I still don’t have a bed!

    • We’re so sorry that this mix-up happened but glad we got everything squared away this morning. Please don’t hesitate to call our regional manager, Dean Clark, if you have any other questions. His number is 850-356-6045. Thanks so much for being a Bedzzz Express customer and letting us know about your concerns.

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