Two in the bed can equal twice the fun

You spend almost one-third of your life in bed.  For couples, that means you’re spending at least that much time with your significant other. That’s a whole lot of sleeping together! Or whatever it is you do in there! 😉

This may present some challenges but also great opportunities for bonding and intimacy that can translate into a happy, healthy marriage. No time like February – the month of love – to think about these things, right?

  1. Start by sharing a bed – This sounds really obvious, but above all else, sleep in the same bed. There may be snoring, tossing, turning and excessive pillows or blankets required for one of you and not the other, but if you can work these issues out, you’ll probably find comfort in sharing a bed.  Ear plugs and Breathe-Right nose strips have saved many a marriage.
  2. Keep it private – Not surprisingly, many of those who report problems sharing a bed also have children. We know you love ‘em, but the constant need for another glass of water, one more story before lights out and the regular requests to come sleep in your bed can wreak havoc on any relationship. Keep your door closed or only slightly cracked once you’ve gone to bed.  Make it clear that no one else is to come in unless there’s an emergency.
  3. Find a bed that suits you both – Some people like a bed that’s firm, softer, a huge king size and everything in between. Your best bet is to come into one of our stores and try out tons of different models. And don’t just plop down for a few seconds. Lie down, close your eyes, imagine you’re in your bedroom and relax for at least ten minutes. This will be the true test for finding the right bed.  We ENCOURAGE couples to lay down on as many mattresses in our stores as they possibly can.
  4. Find your happy spot – If you’re most comfortable facing toward the outside of the bed instead of toward your partner, that’s totally fine! Some people worry about these things, but sleep experts say there is no “good” or “bad” sleep position for marriage. Some believe that “spooning” can increase intimacy and lower stress.

If you and your partner have been having trouble sleeping together, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give it another go. If you suspect the bed or your physical comfort levels are to blame, let us be your couples counselor by helping you find a new mattress you’ll both dream of sleeping on together!

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